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All-day offerings

All-day programs in the 2023/2024 school year

Our school concept supports to a special degree the preparation of our children for the modern world of life, education and work. The focus is on the holistic development of the personality of our little ones, as well as the development and consolidation of competencies in all areas.

At the same time, we want to provide our students with opportunities to learn multiple languages, experience them, and thus empower them to explore and discover themselves and the world with all its possibilities.

The all-day programs are by no means intended to stand on their own alongside everyday learning, but to be an integral part of the school day. Rather, they are seen as an extension and supplement to learning and teaching at school.

Overview of our all-day programs

Detaillierte Beschreibung der Ganztagsangebote

Additional offers

In addition to the sponsored all-day activities, teachers and educators of our school offer further projects, competitions and working groups:

  • thematic project week in autumn and at Easter
  • Project week "Learning to learn
  • Meeting afternoons for new students
  • School English Olympiad
  • Participation in the Math Olympiad
  • Reading competition
  • Participation in art competitions
  • Computer science competition of Saxon elementary school
  • FIRST AID - Days at the DRK
  • School championships in sports
  • preventive health events (for example, "milk tooth street")
  • Choir concerts
  • Theater performances
  • Benefit concerts by 3rd graders and choirs, Children's Day events ...


Concept & Financing

All-day activities are held regularly at our school.

This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Saxon Parliament.

The pedagogical concept as well as other necessary GTA documents for the current school year are published on the school portal Saxony.

GTA concept

Language diversity

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