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The GGB Gesellschaft zur ganzheitlichen Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH Sachsen is the sponsor of our after-school care center.

Info about the school after school care

The sponsor of our school day care center is the GGB Gesellschaft zur ganzheitlichen Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH Sachsen. It has extensive experience in the field of working with daycare centers since 1998, especially in all-day English language learning. GGB was one of the first KITA in the Federal Republic of Germany to go down this new path. Many have taken advantage of this positive experience and are also testing this concept.

For the International Primary School Glauchau this means:
  • all-day care
  • Fostering strengths and creativity through circle activity
  • Introduction to modern communication techniques
  • in coordination with the EGS individual support
  • Homework Production
  • child-friendly meals
  • language training in English through the use of native speakers
  • Use of PC with special software for material repetition
  • Child care from 6.00 - ca. 17.00 o'clock a. s. o. m.


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