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Language Camp at KiEZ

From 01 to 03 March 2023 we, the classes 3a, 3b, 3c of the International Primary School Glauchau and class 3 of the International Primary School Meerane, spent eventful days in the Language Camp in the Waldpark KiEZ in Grünheide. Each child went through five workshops.

Workshop 1 focused on the continent of Africa. Here, interesting insights into the culture and ways of life were given, African stories were read aloud, gari (manjok porridge) was tasted, singing, playing, drumming and a bead necklace was made together.

Workshop 2 was about South America and focused on the history of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and the advanced civilizations of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. It was very interesting to see what kind of buildings these advanced civilizations created at that time, what traditions they cultivated, what games they played, what they ate, and that they already had writing and an arithmetic system.

Workshop 3 took us on a journey through Japan, China and South Korea. We looked for the countries on the map, wrote our own name with characters, made a small game of skill, tried to pick things up with chopsticks, wore clothes typical of the country, and gained insights into an Asian martial art.

In workshop 4 we marveled at pieces of clothing and jewelry from Pakistan for various occasions and some girls and boys were able to try them on. We listened to Pakistani sounds and practiced our own name in URDU (Pakistani script). The big "hit" in this workshop, however, were the henna tattoos that adorned the backs of many hands.

Workshop 5 was held under the motto: "We singing and dancing". The children were able to let off steam to danceable music. This did everyone good and very much enjoyed.

On the 2nd day, we had the afternoon for a 2-field ball tournament. The winner was class 3c. Congratulations!

Our Language Camp ended in the gymnasium of the IGS with the presentation of what the children had learned in the workshops. All performances received a lot of applause and at the end we sang together the African song learned in workshop 1.

Full of new impressions and experiences, everyone said goodbye to the weekend.

A big thank you goes here again to the workshop leaders for your great ideas and entertaining offers.

Y. Unger - Class teacher 3a


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