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Little constructors build our future hometown

From April to the end of June 2023, the "Small Constructors" working group had the opportunity to take part in the "Tatenraum 2" project of the Glauchau Citizens' Academy, in which they were allowed to build the town of Glauchau in 30 years from Lego according to their ideas. The Lego sets were generously provided by Prof. Maik Schenker. At the end, the children were allowed to present their constructions to a panel of professors at the Glauchau Vocational Academy, where they were exhibited with the tables from the four other schools during the summer.

In a big award ceremony on 5.9.2023 with presence of the Saxon Minister of Culture Mr. Piwarz, the five participating Glauchau elementary schools were awarded with a prize money of 200€. The IGS has taken the 3rd place together with another institution.

We would like to thank the BA and all those involved in the project, especially Mr. Schenker, very much for this great action.

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