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Our final trip to Dresden

As a conclusion of our elementary school time at the IGS Glauchau, we went to Dresden with our teachers Mrs. Steinberg and Mrs. Schiller as well as our class teacher Mr. Pötzsch. After a 1.5-hour train ride, we arrived in Dresden. We moved into our quarters at the Schiffspension Pöppelmann directly on the banks of the Elbe. After a short break we redeemed our Christmas present - a visit to the zoo. On the way back to our accommodation we visited the Frauenkirche. In the evening we had free time and then quickly fell asleep.

The next day, we visited the Saxon State Chancellery in the morning. Already the architecture of the building fascinated us. But it was to get even better. Since it was a cabinet meeting that day, all of Saxony's ministers walked past us. Some even chatted with us and Mr. Kretschmer and Mr. Piwarz let themselves be persuaded to take a photo. Afterwards, we had a talk with Mrs. Iris Firmenich, who is a member of the Saxon parliament, in the state parliament. This was also very informative. Around 1:00 p.m. we walked back to the other side of the Elbe, because we had an appointment with Christian Piwarz, our Minister of Education. Patiently he answered all our questions. Afterwards we went back to the state parliament. There we were allowed to visit the plenary hall and to act out a vote. The day ended with a talk with Oliver Schenk, the head of the state chancellery. Once again, we would like to thank all the politicians.

The next morning we went to the Semper Opera House. A behind-the-scenes tour awaited us there. In the afternoon we looked at the Hygiene Museum and took part in a guided tour on the topic of "Puberty". On Thursday we visited the exhibition of Asisi in the Panometer Dresden and the Transport Museum. In the evening we wanted to take a castle cruise on the Elbe. Unfortunately, the engine of the ship was broken, so we could not leave.

On Friday morning we drove back to Glauchau. We were all sad, because we would have liked to stay longer in Dresden!

Pupils of class 4a - IGS

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