Our visit of the library "Georgius Agricola" in Glauchau's castle

The children of class 3a of the IGS learned today in a great hands-on tour how a library works and what you can discover there. Everyone listened intently to the friendly librarian Mrs. Puchner from the city and district library in Glauchau's Forderglauchau Castle.

20 years IGS - a whole week of celebration

20 years ago, the International Primary School was opened as the first school of the SIS - the beginning of a success story. We celebrated this milestone with numerous activities from 11 to 15.9.2023.

Little constructors build our future hometown

From April to the end of June 2023, the "Little Constructors" working group had the opportunity to take part in the "Tatenraum 2" project of the Glauchau Citizens' Academy, in which they were allowed to build the town of Glauchau in 30 years from Lego according to their own ideas.

Welcome new first graders

On the 19th of August we celebrated the beginning of school of our new first graders. The kids were really excited to get their candy bags and being in school.

Summer holidays - time for action and fun

Exciting summer days are behind us. In beautiful weather we had fun in the summer pool Glauchau. But also otherwise we experienced a variety of interesting excursions and fun actions.

Goodbye, dear class 4!

During a ceremony in the gymnasium on July 5 and 6, our fourth graders were honored and bid farewell.

Our final trip to Dresden

As a conclusion of our elementary school time at the IGS Glauchau, we went to Dresden with our teachers Mrs. Steinberg and Mrs. Schiller as well as our class teacher Mr. Pötzsch.

TELC English A1 Junior 2023

Learning and teaching foreign skills, specially English is one the main gaols of our SIS International schools. This not only brings openness to the world in young minds but also values and standards in this rapidly growing Era of globalization.

Our project about Goethe's "Faust

After we had learned about "Troy" in class 2 and "The Song of the Nibelungs" in class 3, we were now to venture into Goethe's "Faust" in class 4.

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