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Our project about Goethe's "Faust

After we had learned about "Troy" in class 2 and "The Song of the Nibelungs" in class 3, we were now to venture into Goethe's "Faust" in class 4.

Everything began with the chronological classification of the piece. Then we dealt with Goethe's biography. As a basis for the treatment we used the children's book "Faust" after Goethe, retold by B. Kindermann with pictures by K. Ensikat.

We learned that many of the sayings still in use today are quotations from FAUST, such as "Man errs as long as he strives" or "Here I am man, here I may be!"

We learned about the main characters and how they relate to each other.

Beforehand, we were able to learn the "Easter Walk", which we were then allowed to perform during our project week.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for us was to put ourselves in the shoes of certain characters and think about how we would have acted in the respective situation. For example, one task was called "Gretchen thinks a lot about how her life will will go on. Faust has left her pregnant. She is alone and has no one to confide in. Write a diary entry from Gretchen's point of view."

This resulted in many beautiful stories that we posted outside our classroom.

On the last day we played the whole work as a shadow - impromptu play and Mr. Pötzsch filmed it. This resulted in a small video that can be seen on our school Facebook page.

This project week was huge fun again and we now know that even old works of literature can be exciting and fascinating.

Pupils of class 4a of the IGS Glauchau

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